i never thought that WICCA can be as effective in bringing back a lover as the renowned Voodoo Binding love ritual. i tried many prominent voodoo priest who used all kinds of love spells to return my boyfriend. until i met Borja. today, i am married to my boyfriend and all outsiders have been permanently banished. thanks to WICCA love spells.

Helga, Munchen, Germany.

my business was at the point of collapse. the 2008 economic down turn took a heavy toll on my business activities. the strain began to affect my family. i was referred to Borja who used ancient witchcraft not only to restore my business to its former glory, the spell placed me on a steady road to advancement.

Abdul Malik, UAE

for more than 17 years, i was a victim of witchcraft. locked doors will suddenly open in the middle of the night. lights will turn themselves on without human intervention. my children and i began to hear voices that was driving the whole house on the edge. i contacted Borja. i actually travelled to his temple and together we come to my house in Rotterdam. after 7 nights of witchcraft spells, the problem has gone. now my children and i can sleep with both eyes closed.

Nicole, Rotterdam, Holland.

i am a habitual gambler. years after years went by and my paycheck kept ending up in different casinos. i contacted Borja who performed a WICCA lottery spell for me. he mentioned that i have only one chance to win a megabucks, so i should go for the highest sum available. i am glad to announce to the whole world that my utmost dream has come true. thank you Borja from the bottom of my heart.

Catherine, London.

i was facing 28 years jail term. i knew i will not last one year if i ever stepped into that prison. i was desperate. i contacted Borja online. he performed a voodoo legal spell for me and today, the case has been crushed. i was acquitted of all charges. the voodoo legal spell is truly amazing.

Jamie, Texas

in Australia, it is a common thing among the Muslim community to marry up to 4 wives. i could not stand the competition for attention from my husband. Borja performed a voodoo binding love spell and today, after 14 years of marriage, the issue of another wife has never crossed my husband mind.

Zaibab, Melbourne Australia.

i lost my fiancee to a cruel gold digger. i tried everything under the moon. i lost all my savings to charlatans until i contacted Borja. Borja performed a voodoo separation spell which tore my husband from the witch and immediately followed it with a voodoo love spell. my fiancee came back to me after 21 days and begged for my forgiveness.

Cynthia, Canada


at the age of 19, i was fat out of proportions. i couldn't't attract all the young people that i love. my life was a mess. most of the time, i was depressed. i even contemplated suicide. i needed a weight lose spell urgently. through my mom's connection with the world of the occult, Borja came to my rescue. i cannot thank him enough.

Diane, Dublin


my mother in-law never approved of my marriage to his son. soon after the wedding, problems arose. my husband started to flirt with the young women in his office. my mother in-law used voodoo to cause disaffection in my home. i was referred to Borja who rose to the challenge. he broke and nullify the effects of her voodoo, performed a love love spell between my husband and i using only our pictures, names and dates of birth and put a protection so that no one will be able to repeat the voodoo on us in the future.

Rebbecca, Lagos, Nigeria









spell casting is more an art than science. in no way should anything said here or implied subsitute a medical or professional advice. nothing is guraranteed here and results vary from one individual to the other.

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